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No matter if it is a routine appointment or an emergency, the staff at Orange Veterinary Hospital are all top notch. I appreciate all of the love, care and compassion they show my dogs and my family.

Lisa A.

Everyone at Orange Vet always makes me feel comfortable bringing my animals here, which is how I know my animals are always in good hands. When I bring my dog here, they never fail to treat him like family.
Grace M.

I would recommend this place to anyone! They take great care of our dogs and all of the staff are very friendly. I haven’t had to wait very long for any of our appointments, the app is great and the prices are very fair.
Doug D.

The experience couldn’t be any better. Neveah can be difficult, but I was amazed at how good she was with the Vet and the staff. I’m glad I made the decision to stay after Neveah came back from foster care. I truly loved the experience
Marie A.