Veterinary Services.

Pet In-House x-ray and bloodwork in Orange, CT

Pet In-House x-ray and bloodwork
Veterinary Services.

Pet In-House x-ray and bloodwork in Orange, CT

Pet In-House x-ray

Rapid diagnosis results in rapid treatment.

We may now modify the digital images we extract from a pet’s systems using advancements in digital X-ray technology to determine what is wrong.

This has made it possible for us to find things like hairline fractures and previously invisible orthopaedic disorders. Specialists who consult with us on challenging cases receive access to these digital photographs.

The use of radiology (x-rays) to examine a pet’s bones, digestive system (stomach, intestines, colon), respiratory system (lungs), heart, and genitourinary system often yields important information (bladder, prostate). It can be used independently or in conjunction with other diagnostic techniques to pinpoint the precise source of a problem, rule out potential issues, or provide a list of potential causes for a pet’s condition.

How does it function?

An x-ray beam travels through the body of the animal being radiographed before striking a piece of radiographic film. Grayscale images that depict the animal’s anatomy can be seen throughout the movie. Bones look as light grey structures because they absorb more x-rays. Soft tissues, like the lungs, absorb less radiation and show up as dark grey structures on x-rays. The veterinarian must possess substantial skill in order to interpret radiographs.

Blood Tests

Your pet’s health absolutely depends on blood tests. Blood tests are helpful in diagnosing your pet’s illness, much like in human medicine. Blood tests can reveal a variety of information to the veterinarian, such as whether your pet is dehydrated or battling an infection.

Blood tests are advised in a variety of situations, not just when your pet is ill. They are also suggested annually for healthy pets. Do you know the age of your pet in human years? For every year that you live, your pet lives five to ten years longer. We advise that your beloved pet get a preventive blood screening once a year to keep them happy and healthy.

An annual blood test will provide a baseline for your pet’s health, allowing us to track your pet’s condition should it become unwell. Their internal organs start to function less effectively or slowly as our dogs get older. Early detection of these anomalies allows us to make dietary or care adjustments that significantly improve and extend your pet’s quality of life.

Due to the usage of an internal diagnostic lab by Orange Veterinary Hospital, we always have access to the findings of our patients’ bloodwork. You won’t have to wait days for the results of routine blood tests when your pet is ill. In some circumstances, we can start treatment right away. The time and effort required to get your pet the necessary blood tests is reduced by our on-site diagnostic facility.


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At Orange Veterinary Hospital, we treat every animal that enters our facility with the same love and compassion as our own, and we do everything we can to ensure their comfort.

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